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Princeton Corporate Solutions, LLC.

is a company founded by global publicity marketing and corporate consulting professionals who stand united under a strong conviction that a premium grade service doesn’t necessarily have to have a premium price tag. We make our services ultra powerful while simultaneously extremely affordable. We put our extensive contact base and proprietary mass publicity marketing techniques to work for you to deliver powerful and long lasting results that you can see translated through increased market share, massive publicity exposure and perpetual growth in your sale conversion rates. We have the ability and track record of taking an executive, business, author, athlete etc. from where they are and take them to where they aspire to be in an expedient and responsibly priced manner.

We pride ourselves in our upfront and honest communication with potential clients by only taking on projects that fit our unique area of expertise, enabling us to deliver ongoing and profound results. We aim to create packages that contain the immediate necessities of the client as well as the various aspects and details that will assist the client in ways they may not presently be able to foresee. If you have a publicity marketing or corporate consulting need and would like an honest and free consultation review, feel free to contact Princeton Corporate Solutions LLC. today! We are here to assist you in any way we can.


Client Testimonials

I paid a well know company to customize a Private Placement Memorandum for me. I tried to take this package to investors but was constantly turned away until I finally stopped an investor and asked the reason he didn’t want to fund me. His answer was my company didn’t stand out and I didn’t even come close to passing due diligence. This was strange since my company has great credit and is 15 years old. My CPA referred me to Princeton Corporate Solutions and after they rewrote my PPM and put me through their publicity campaign, we stood out like gods in our industry, since then we’ve had 3 solid funding offers. Thomas Reece, Miami, Florida

I needed funding for my real estate rehab business I had an investor that was interested in funding my company but wanted his equity distributed through a PPM 504, I was referred to Princeton Corporate Solutions and purchased their package that included a PPM and the publicity services. After all this was completed I went back to my investor and he was no longer able to fund my company because he had several deals that went bad, but because the PPM was so well written and I had so much publicity surrounding my company I was able to secure a new investor in less than 2 weeks. Lance Braun, Bangor, Maine.

We had been trying to get a loan for more than 6 months but were turned down over and over again by banks and other lenders even though I have great personal credit and my staff reads like the who’s who in our industry. We were advised to take the private capital route and we found Princeton Corporate Solutions. We purchased their Private Placement Memorandum Service that comes with all the publicity marketing and in 5 days we had an offer. We were truly shocked, actually, when I think about it, I’m still shocked. Using PCS was the best decision we ever made. Martin De Salves, Los Angeles, California

My company Buys, rehabs and flips real estate in Philadelphia, PA. I was sick of hitting up anybody and everybody I knew for money and use of their credit score so that I could secure loans to buy and rehab real estate. I just got to a point where I was sick of giving away 60% of my profits to investors and hard money companies. I found Princeton Corporate Solutions, used their PPM services to raise capital and in less then two weeks my complete PPM and publicity campaign was complete. Investors were floored when they did their due diligence on my company. I now have no problem whatsoever raising capital. I set a price for shares, the investor buys the shares and I can move on with my business. I love it. Shaun Dillinger, West Chester, PA

I own a computer software company that has been trying to raise seed capital for over a year. I was burned out and ticked off by investors that would take up my time and in the end would never invest. I was sick of having my pride ground up like meat in a blender every time we had a new investor who was interested in investing in our company and in the end always decided not to. I was advised by my attorney to simply start selling shares via a Private Placement Memorandum. The idea sounded great but he was going to charge me $12,095 to write one and I simply didn’t have the money so I started investigating companies that wrote PPM’s and I kept coming across Princeton Corp Solutions, I finally called them and the price they gave me for not only the PPM but a ton of publicity and due diligence preparation was a fraction of what my attorney and marketing firm was going to charge. I went with them and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made for my company. William Jacobs, Tallahassee, Florida.

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