We understand that everyone has an individual unique situation. Our team of experts can develop a custom plan to assist you in reaching your financial goals and the credit worthiness that you well deserve.


We have helped many happy customers: If we can be of any assistance, or you would like to setup an appointment to speak with and or meet with our specialist,please do not hesitate to call.

Philadelphia, PA
"YCFS and their staff were so helpful. I was a victim of identity theft. Not knowing who to turn to I called Your Choice Financial Solutions, my credit scores are back and the fraudulent listings are removed." Joyce F.
Burlington, NJ
"I was haunted for years by an old car repossession. YCFS was able to negotiate, and satisfy the debt for pennies on the dollar. My credit scores went up over 100 points! Now, I am able to buy the house I have always wanted for myself and my family. Thank You Your Choice Financial Solutions". Donna M.
Bensalem, PA
"Three months ago we had a dream of owning a home. Well that dream has become a reality. The hard work and dedication from the staff at Your Choice Financial Solutions, helped us with our credit rating and we are moving into our dream home". Terri and Greg P.
Allentown, PA
"Your Choice Financial Solutions is the first credit repair team that has made any changes to my credit report, and show proof of it! I've only been dealing with them for one month, I lost a lot of money in the past six months dealing with fraud credit repair companies. Other companies failed to do their job so I gave YCFS a try, I finally made the right decision." Mark K.
Burlington, NJ
"After going bankrupt, I never thought I would get a second chance. I was refereed to Your Choice Financial Solutions by a friend. Their trained staff helped me obtain that Second Chance! After going with their services and following their program, my life has turned around. Now with reestablished credit, I bought a new car, with a great rate!". Doug B.
Philadelphia, PA
How can I Thank You for all the nights and weekends you spent fixing my years of credit abuse. I wish you many years of success and I know you will be blessed. Keep in touch." Donna C.
Bristol, PA
"My husband and I have tried many times to send letters of dispute to the creditors and credit bureaus, and got no where. I seen an old friend, whom used Your Choice Financial Solutions. So I gave them a call and had an appointment in a matter of days. I went to the consultation, and after reviewing my reports, I knew I needed help. I went with their services and in a matter of a few weeks, my credit errors had been fixed, and my credit score went up 132 points! I could had not done without the assist of YCFS!" Joe and Kathy W.
Pottstown, PA
"Two years ago my husband and I went through a terrible divorce and I was left with many credit issues due to my spouse. I tried everything from renting an apartment to purchasing a mobile home but because of these issues I was turned down. I tried two other services out of the phone book that helped with credit repair and both of them did nothing but mislead me.

I then seen an ad about Your Choice Financial Solutions and gave them a call. After going through their program and dealing with their staff that was up front, honest, and kept me updated regularly and at the conclusion of my program instead of renting an apartment or mobile home I had the credit worthiness to purchase a house. Thank you YCFS for showing me a brand new light at the end of the tunnel." Alison B.